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Massacre on the Necrelia

The Necrelia was in the shape of a large 18th century wooden ship, but it was made of metal. There were many people on the ship including children.

The ship was designed to carry only a quarter of the people that were now crammed into every corner and filling all the empty deck space. The captain was insane and was perceived as pirate-like. The crew and passengers had a sense of captivity as though they were kept in some way at his will, not theirs, probably due to the occasional physical abuse of the passengers and violent domineering over the crew. Regardless, he was transporting them despite the fact that they were afraid and didn't like him. I was part of the crew, taking care of the many children on board, though I had only spoken to the captain a few times.

I had some friends on the crew, a few women and a fellow name Erician. He played the guitar and could sing. He loved to sing, though the guitar playing was really his forte. He was fun loving, kind and well liked among the crew.

One day things seemed particularly tense on board among the crew and passengers. The captain also seemed particularly insane that day.

This was due to the fact that we were approaching US shores and planning to dock at a pier. I was a little nervous and gathered my children closely. I had a newborn of my own and chubby eight month old girl with dark curly hair who was as of yet unnamed. I had basically adopted her on the ship after she had become orphaned. I had two other older children on board whom I was worried about, although they did have other family connections on the ship. They were six and seven years old and I couldn't find them, but I knew they were around and perfectly capable of wandering the ship alone.

As we approached, the captain seemed to grow more insane and the crew and passengers became very agitated. It had been discovered that the captain was a murderous Nazi and was wanted for this in the US. There were many Jewish passengers on board. The captain had no choice but to dock at the Pier as we were having mechanical problems on the ship. Before we docked, as a friendly gesture to ease the tension, he offered all the crew and passengers wine. It was passed around to everyone except of course the children.

Erician and I were among the few that hadn't had any yet when we saw people keeling over and dying all over the ship. We realized the captain had poisoned everyone. Bodies covered every surface on the ship. People laying dead on top of other dead people. Every passengers who's lips made contact with the wine died and they now lay on the ship's deck as we pulled onto shore. Many children were left orphaned by this massacre.

Landing on shore however did not end the nightmare on board the Necrelia.

The captain refused to allow those that remained alive to leave the ship, even the children. For days he held us hostage and the US Coast Guard began to threaten forced entry to the ship. The stench on board had become unbearable at first, but after a while we got used to it. Erician would sing and play or just sing a little to help calm us and the children. My newborn was thirsty and I had nothing give him so I used some wine from my own personal stash and gave him sips.

Suddenly there was a commotion on the pier. The Coast Guard was demanding entry to the boat. The captain, angry at his defeat, began threatening the remaining crew that there would be a bloody end to anyone who dared defy him. To prove he was serious, he grabbed Erician who had apparently been annoying him with his singing and forced a long hooked knife into his throat and severed his vocal chords. I'm sure further damage was done, but I was not able to assist Erician because the Coast Guard, who had mounted the ship at this point and upon the ghastly discovery of the decay on the deck, hurriedly pushed and shoved the remaining crew off the ship as they attempted to capture the captain. After his sadistic act on Erician, the captain had proceeded to slash and annihilate anyone in sight. I was frantic at this point because my babies were not with me; they were sleeping, and I wasn't able to get to them in time to take them with me.

When I got off the ship, my family was there waiting for me. They consoled me as I panicked for my children. Hours went by as the ship continued to be under seizure. Hours turned into days. I went with my family to get some clothes as I was a mess from the stinking ship where all my belongings remained. All I thought about were my children and if I would get them back.

While at the clothing store, my family received a call. My sister took the phone. She looked very serious and sad as she said, "Yes, ok thank you," and hung up the phone and looked at me. I was certain my children were dead when she said, "They have your children, they're fine." I had never felt so overjoyed and relieved - relieved that they were off that boat and away from the decaying bodies.

I was overjoyed that I was home now and could start my new life with them. At the same time, I wondered what happened to Erician and the other remaining crew members. I worried they were had been killed after I left, though I was fairly certain Erician had been left alone after the captain had already proved himself on him. Poor Erician, his voice was gone, but singing wasn't his forte after all, and he would still be able to play guitar.


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