Really cute drawing of us although it's old and we don't really look too much like that but you know, yeah we do, so it's good 'nuf, which is our house philiosophy.

No Love In The World

There is no love here or anywhere,

Just a bitterly cold wind that ravages the already wretched emptiness.

Beyond the horizon holds no wisp of hope, Only the gnarled remains of its conception.

There is no rest or peace,

Just the whispering eddies of despair swirling by.

The flat immutable wasteland holds no exit for escape, Nor entrance for joy to come in rescue.

There is no companion,

Just the uncaring wind lacking the slightest merciful inclination.

Cast off that splendid finery, for no one is there to see it.

Without love they are but rags.

Wind whistles low through the refuse of brittle soul shells That were slowly eaten away from inside Do not move, for there is no better location.

Do not breath for the air holds no sustenance.

Wrenching cries of anguish fall flat and soundless, There is no help in this place or any other.

Do not want more,

Because there is no more where there is no love in the world.

Posted 10/15/05

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