Really cute drawing of us although it's old and we don't really look too much like that but you know, yeah we do, so it's good 'nuf, which is our house philiosophy.



Jason and Anna's Wedding July 18, 2009

Cliff House October 2, 2009

Jeff and Cathy's recommendations to help keep your computer clean. - Here you'll find a free online scanner that is very effective, and a tiny blocklist file you can put on your computer to help prevent future infestations.

AVG Free - they have an anti-virus and an anti-spyware program. They are both free for PERSONAL use. The anti-spyware program can slow things down, so beware. If you have a fairly recent machine, you should be okay.

AdAware SE Personal - Kind of hard to find, so here's the shortcut. You have to manually update this (remember to go to the site) and you have to run it to find the spyware, but it's a good program. It doesn't run in the background unless you upgrade to the one that costs money.

Hijack This - This helps you identify services running on your computer that should not be. It is for more advanced user., Be careful with it. If you aren't sure of a service, Google it and the answers will come. Just type the service name in the searchbar.


Family Anthology Page



The most recent are at the bottom.

Miscellaneous Family Photos

Cathy and Jeff's California Trip September 2004

Bailey's Island September 2004

New York City February 2005

Cathy's Chicago Trip March 2005

Prisoner of War Ceremony April 2005

Cookie and Danny's Florida Vacation April 2005

Tyler's Graduation - June 2005 - large photos (kinda crappy pics, sorry, Caroline, I failed)

Father's Day June 2005

Old Hallowell Days 2005 - Smoked Salmon - just a few

Bermuda Cruise on Norwegian Majesty - August 2005

Jason's Bermuda Movie *.avi file; 2.5 mb - you can "open" or "save" and view in Windows Media Player. BTW, it's frikkin' hiilarious.

Jason's Bermuda Pictures - August 2005

Cookie's Bermuda Pictures - August 2005

Caroline's Bermuda Pictures - August 2005

Jason's Band - "Band Beyond Description" - August 2005 - Ok ok ok I forgot my good camera so took these with my crappy PDA camera which has no flash, and they had very little light on them, so they are, ummmm, "artsy." I tried to lighten some of them. Sorry, Jason! Next time I will bring my good camera!!!

Mother and Suzy Dancing to Band Beyond Description - August 2006 - One priceless photo of Mother and Suzy grooving to Jason's band!

Jason and Anna - December 2006 - These pics aren't the best quality...Jason, send me more!

Cathy and Jeff's 10th Anniversary trip - February 2007

Mike & Jan's Family - Spring-Summer 2007 - I swiped these off the CDs - thanks, Jan!

Fare Share Farm - July 5, 2007 - The cleaning of the spring and various snapshots of our visit to this amazing farm run by Lauri and Mike, two of the most wonderful people in the world.

The Microwave Incident - June 2007

Our House - June 2007

Mother's Entryway Cleaning - July 6, 2007:



Smoked Salmon - Old Hallowell Day - July 21, 2007


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