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Chapter 1

I stumble across the Gutted adenovirus while surfing the Internet. The implication of using that virus to correct genetic deficiencies is enormous - with the proper understanding of genetics as applied at the DNA levels of chromosome structure and specific genes in question.

Having recently read about the specific gene for MS being documented (common in somewhere over 90% people with MS), I decided to see if this gene, but more important the correct gene in people without MS and no family history of MS, could be inserted in the Gutted adenovirus. It is a gene delivery tool for people. This being a likely factor that would allow people to heal or at least be able to have lasting results from stem cell corrections.

With such lofty thoughts in mind I again went on the internet and purchased some Gutted adenovirus. While researching gene factors, I also added some extra enhancements to the correcting virus.

In the interest of documentation and repeatability, and also necessary for me to remember what I am doing (MS is slowly eating away at my brain), I carefully wrote down in a series of post it notes each step I took. First things first - I chose to give a couple of my pigs MS using the Gutted adenovirus modified with the MS gene. Next I made an effort to deprive the test pigs from any common source of vitamin D. These pigs live their entire life chocked up in a sunless pig pen (a common fate for many pigs). I then fed them a diet high in sugar and white flour, with lots of lean high mercury fish (nearly too old fish, from the grocery store), and kept in a befouled urban atmosphere, high in volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde fumes (similar to the common suburban home). I also made sure to have them consume high-normal amounts of Aspartame, a couple of liters a day of diet soda.

The modified Gutted adenovirus worked excellently. Both pigs developed MS, exactly like human MS.

One of the pigs was then fed the correction modified Gutted adenovirus and that pig had a recovery from MS and in short time healed itself a considerable amount, but only to about 50% her of pre-MS infection abilities.

I then injected myself with the gene correction modified gutted adenovirus serum. Within days I could feel the improvements. As in the pig model, the self corrections were only 50%.

The next step involves the use of nuro-stem cell repairs. Here again I looked to ongoing research as to a clue. I had read about an experiment using rat stem-cells to replace a pig pancreas that had been amputated.

About this time my pigs were bred so I went out and removed an early stage fetus from the healed MS pig and proceeded to extract the pre-neural-stem cells. I gave some stem cells to the recovering MS pig and she had a speeded recovery of all her remaining MS symptoms and also the surgery and then had a litter of three healthy piglets all of which are growing well and will taste excellent in a year or two.

My recovery is going well. The only unexpected thing is that my missing teeth are growing back complete with wicked good-looking tusks! The added enhancements are doing well, too. I have just exceeded six feet in height! (still growing) My eyesite is now 20X10. I can see at twenty feet what a normal person sees at ten feet. I am also growing a tail. At present it is hairless beyond the base and about 10 inches long and straight. My girlfriend fainted upon seeing it. I told her it was ok; wrong end to interest you. She then blushed with the strangest look on her face.

Later that same night….

By David Thursday, October 20, 2005

Be sure and await chapter two; fate of the unhealed MS pig, and her piglets. Will my MS heal enough for me to save the world? (Where did I leave my post-it notes?) Will my back bedroom ever stop smelling like pig shit?

Chapter Two



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